SIM - Implementing Possible Selves EDCI 589-402

Dates:November 28, 2023 - April 23, 2024
Cost: $100.00

There are 4 openings remaining at this time.


Possible Selves is designed to increase student motivation by having students examine their futures
and think about goals that are important to them. Students think about and describe their hoped-for
possible selves, expected possible selves, and feared possible selves. They set goals, create plans,
and work toward their goals as part of this program. Participants will receive the Possible Selves 2nd
Edition manual and access to the professional development course on Canvas LMS, and an individual follow-up coaching session with the professional developer.


The student will pay $100 for the 2 credit course. The Montana SIM Project will pay $98 per student.
Fee: $100.00

Kami Heinz

DeWayne Padgett

Date Day Time Location
11/28/2023Tuesday6 PM to 8 PM Columbia Falls Junior High
01/23/2024Tuesday6 PM to 8 PM Columbia Falls Junior High
03/05/2024Tuesday6 PM to 8 PM Columbia Falls Junior High
04/23/2024Tuesday6 PM to 9 PM Columbia Falls Junior High



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